Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yes, there are times

that no matter what you do work can take a detour.
There are many times that work just clicks along, we all love that don't we?
You clock in, work, have lunch, work, take a break , work and go home.

Then there are times that no matter what the plan is a roadblock is put in place. When this happens there is nothing, nothing you can do but go with it.
In repairing the broken wire in the box below the ceramic piece, just like the one that you see on top, broke in half.
There is nothing to be done but order a new one.
This means that the kiln that was going to fire last week, which was moved to fire this week, has now been moved to the wait stage while we wait for the parts.

If only the local wally world carried kiln parts....

The only thing to do is go back to the wheel.
The wheel is always there just waiting for some clay to be tossed at it.
So while we wait we throw.
 I am working on an order for a customer that wants a jar to hold her weekly oatmeal. It needs to hold 7 days of oats at 1/2 cup for each day.
( Look Mom, math!)

This one is a tad bigger with a larger opening to get into the jar with a 1/2 cup measure.
I made 3 and I hope that one will be perfect.

To go with the jar will be a garlic jar.
The first one had a wiggle in it that I needed to cut off making it too small. The middle one is a good shape but maybe too narrow in the opening, the last one has a larger opening and I think is just right.

Mark was shut out  of his firing this week by weather and he was helping me by doing the repair on my kiln.
Today would have been the best day to fire Ms. B. but....... because we have some other things that we need to get done this week and weekend we have moved her to next week as well.

He is no slacker and hit the wheel as well.

After all there can never be too many pots in the bisque bank.

Hopefully we will be showing you some fired results next week.
I am all for things turning around.


Sandy miller said...

Love the shapes! And I'm chalking all this delay and obstacle stuff to Saturn retrograde! Butch said he thinks it hit my garage :)
at least the hands still work!

nice to read your posts after a long break!

cookingwithgas said...

tell me about it. My sister use to call me and tell me when I was going to have a week(s) like this one(s)... I would hid in a hole if this winter had not already done that for me.

Peter said...

Grrrrr, I feel your pain with that broken kiln gizmo... I remember my firings grinding to a halt for a few days whilst I had to wait for a tiny porcelain tube for my kiln. The sad irony is that your firing has been held up by a piece of broken porcelain! I suppose that in a pioneering frame of mind, one would make a porcelain replacement for it...(no doubt after combining china clay, silica, and feldspar that has been dug and processed by hand), but then the replacement part would need firing somehow, and probably test firings to do to assess shrinkage!! Making jars and pitchers sounds like a much more productive plan! I hadn't heard of the Saturn retrograde that Sandy Miller mentions (but I rarely listen to the news), but it would explain a lot! :)

Lori Buff said...

How frustrating, at least you're putting the wait time to good use.

Dennis Allen said...

It's always something.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

FAT and friendly pitchers, mmmm :)

Linda Starr said...

that's Murphy for you, same around here too, and then one day freezing cold the next warm and humid, strange weather.

Laurie said...

Oh dear. I think I told you about the recent bathroom faucet repair, that broke in 1/2. Can't have been more than 5 years old. Won't say where I expect that was made! Better days are coming, I'm sure of it.