Sunday, September 6, 2015

This is how we shop for you

 We get an email or a message off fb with a request for an item. Last one was for a lamp for a new home.
Congratulations! You know who you are!

Then I get to go shopping.
I have my own weakness for Mark's lamps. I know I am married to the guy, and, in business with him, but in my book he makes some fabulous lamps.
I have written here before and sung the praises of what a beautiful lamp can do in your home.
I stand by that.
I love the ones we have and I love getting pictures of the ones Mark has made.
May times we are asked to custom make a lamp to a certain size.
Mark pretty much nails it within fractions of an inch.

I am very fond of this black and wood ash one to the right.

The shape is wonderful and the glazes work well with his handiwork.
Oh, but then there is the iron red as well.

I can just see and hear the excitment when someone finds just the one they want.

 I also like the ones in the black and blue ash combination below.
Please ignore my price tags. I just leave them on when shooting for customers.

When all the deciding is over.
We pack, we ship, off they go to a new home.

 I'm still teaching. I dropped down to 2 days a week this semester to try and help more here. I have one more semester after that before I make a decision on staying past the end of spring. I still enjoy it. I still like the drive over and the drive home. I still feel conflicted in how best to use my time here.  Life is always a work in progress.

Cheers for the coming fall.


Melissa Rohrer said...

Beautiful! I don't handle throwing large very well so I am full of admiration.

Dennis Allen said...

bright idea !

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Just gorgeous :)

Linda Starr said...

Gary said your large sized lamps are a nice size to have because when sitting on a couch then the light is good to read by.

Laurie said...

It is so true that life is a work in progress... ever changing. I'm partial to Mark's lamps myself. They are works of beauty!

Lori Buff said...

Mark does make beautiful lamps and you give great customer service by helping someone pick one out from a distance.