Sunday, June 5, 2016

summer fun

or; this blue is for you.
Mark is really enjoying firing Ms. B. this is his third load since he put her back to work. When we built this kiln we were thinking about a few possibilities for her.
First off, the big kiln takes a lot more work to fill, glaze, load and fire.
Second off, the big kiln was built in 1986 and it has begun to show a little age.
It has some "bald" spots that I think could be showing up in the firing.
He was a work horse, but we no longer want to ride behind him, and, it is time to look at where or what we will do in that spot next, but that is for another day.
Third, and, last but not least, we want to work in some new glazes. We know that all things move in new directions, it is true, you must be willing to move with them.

In Ms. B we are working on different wood ash glazes, adding in a few softer, brighter glazes, trying new and different and a little of the old.
We use to make a lot of the Turquoise glaze with wax resist, we have stuck some test in this kiln, and, we are having some success. What we have to do now is look at the old recipe and compare it to what new chemicals that are out there.
If you read me here you know that we have had some issues with chemical changes, as have many other potters.
Nothing stays the same, more testing to come.
So, stay tune, ride along with us and we'll see what comes up next.
Enough about us, go look at pots.


Dennis Allen said...

Looks like the blue could sell. Personally I like the white mug with cobalt rim quite a bit.

Michèle Hastings said...

Looking good!! There are days when I miss my big gas kiln in NH... but when we start loading this smaller one and the job is done quickly, that yearning fades.

cookingwithgas said...

I'm all for ease of use these days.
Thanks! Dennis!