Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It came and it went.

Getting ready for a show, any show, takes up some time.
I am not a big fan of hauling off heavy boxes of pottery anymore,but we did go set up for the once a year, all under the roof, indoor show at the old Luck's Bean cannery here in Seagrove that happened last week.
I had to teach last Thursday, which is set up day for the show, and that meant that Mark had to do a lot of the heavy lifting alone. We streamed lined the booth and had a plan in place before he left. I was able to come home a wee bit earlier and help with the moving of boxes of pots. We decided that this year we would have a plan in place with what pots we were taking and how many boxes to fill.
We took a good showing of tiles along with a good showing of pots, just enough to fill the space and little left as back up. It was the perfect plan for us. We were happy with the sales and didn't have a lot of pots to pack back home.
It seems likewe work all the time so the shop is full for the rest of the year.
Our thoughts are one more load in Ms. B in December, one more load in the electric kiln of tiles and possibly some thrown work as well.

Most of the tiles I made the last two firings found homes over the weekend. I'm working out a list for more, packing off a few and figuring out the ones I want for next year. These tiles have turned into a happy journey for me. One I hope to continue through next year.
We have a few leads on some possible wholesale that we will follow.
I am just teaching one day a week, that means more time for some creativity here at the studio.

  This week we will have one of our corporate meetings to talk about the coming year. It is something we have always tried to do. As a small two person business you still need to figure out  how to carry on through the following year.

I know we are all waiting to see how the election shakes out for us.
Fingers crossed.


Michèle Hastings said...

The tiles are beautiful. I am sure their new owners are enjoying them immensely.
Glad you had a good show. We followed the same plan as you... streamline the booth, select pots carefully, and carry less home.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks MH- good thinking it worked for us as well!

Laurie said...

I'm glad you had a good show, & figured out what works best. These are certainly interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those giraffes! Fabulous!
Congratulations on a good show and a good plan. I hauled and set up and took down every Friday for the farmers' market season (just beaded items and photo note cards) and it was exhausting. I'm out of the habit but need to get cracking again for a 2-hour "show" at a friend's open house on Dec. 17th. So much work!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy Gilliland - DirtKicker Pottery said...

Love those sweet giraffes! They totally make me smile :-)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

cookingwithgas said...

Those giraffes make me pretty happy these days. I love working on the tiles to explore another side of me.

PotterMiller said...

oh Meredith those tiles are just the bomb! delightful!!