Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ms. B in action

We just loaded and fired Ms. B this week. We are finding a better footing with this new, small kiln.  There are still some kinks in the bottom of the kln, but nothing like the, tossing of glaze off the pots onto the shelf, that we had in the last firing.
The bottom shelf is still colder than we want it to be but we are working out this glaze that fires a bit lower with a top glaze on it that is more in the cone 7 range,
Considering that most of the kiln reaches a good cone 10, or, at least a good nine, we are puzzled over that bottom shelf.
I guess that will stay a mystery for now.

Not bad overall.
Now to get these off to new homes.


smartcat said...

For the impteenth time I say that your kilns look like posters!
Love the reds.

cookingwithgas said...

Thank you. I might make more money selling posters, haha.