Friday, March 10, 2017

We are

glazing for another fire in Ms. B.
I have been taking the time to glaze some of the pots as I get a day free instead of the days of glazing we used to do.
Working in a smaller kiln has it's limitations in the amount of work going in this kiln, but we don't see that as a bad thing these days as we see less traffic. We are well stocked in the store, with pottery set aside in the studio as well.
As Mark works on the thrown work I am playing (?) with more tiles and some of the new giraffes I added in last year and this year.
This one grabs me. I am mixing up the way I layer in the glaze to make him a bit different.

 I just wish Lee was here to see how far some of her designs have gone. We were struggling with glaze combinations early on, making some of the common errors one can make with any new idea you want to carry through.
I have played with many ideas and colors before settling into some that I think are working well.
I am always subject to how the glaze goes on, too thick, too thin. Most of these glazes will brush very well, others need a bit of coxing to apply the way I want them too.
I still have moments where I pick up the wrong brush and apply it to the wrong area.  That can either be a big whoops or it can be a great mistake. Then I have to remember what I made the mistake with.
I know you know what I mean...
After March comes April- put us on your calendar and come on out. We'd be happy to see you, 

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