Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse day 2017

 Here we are just short of spending the day chasing the moon and sun. It was fun and interesting to watch, with care, and walk around looking at all the crescent moons on bricks, pots, the ground, and fire brick. We also used a pinhole camera made from a shipping box, and a colander on paper. We had the eclipse glasses and took turns using those but it was just as much fun chasing the moons that were everywhere.
As we were looking I noticed that my big floppy hat also showed a lot of the eclipse through the holes.

 As the sun was being blocked everything became very quiet and still. Except the one person somewhere close by that decided it was a great time to mow the lawn.
Really, who mows the lawn when there is sky watching going on?!

It was here now it is gone. Are we marking the calendar for the next one yet?

I am still taking a few pictures here and there of the glazes coming out of the electric kiln we are firing to cone 6.
We are working with a tea shop to develope a few items for them in the glazes above. We are trying to keep these nice and simple in look and use.
 The teacup and saucer are first on our list one with and without a handle.
I always like Mark's handles they are a little sassy to me.
 I drink tea sometimes but most of the time go for a cup that has a handle on it.
I'm not sure I would want a cup without a handle.

Next up I am planning to glaze these and at the same time we are glazing for Ms. B.
It will be interested to see if this gets done this week or runs right into the following weeks, things happen.
Especially when you are making plans.

Humm, I still like the handle.....

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