Friday, August 25, 2017

September firing of Ms. B

 Ms. B is loaded and ready to fire.
Fire tomorrow, cool down Sunday, unload on Monday.

 After loading the kiln I was walking around enjoying the cooler day we woke up to this morning.
The past weeks have been the brutal part of the summer fun we get to enjoy as southerners. I try hard not to complain and just work my way past the heat and humidity. It's hard when you wake up and open the door to a wave of summer soup. I think I am ready for fall.

 The view from the pasture.
Mark was doing some mowing and found some wildflowers that he wanted me to look at.
We walked to the edge of the pasture just where the tree line starts he pointed out some native  Tickseed Sunflowers. I am usually looking for these beside the driveway on the way to the pond and never found any. I was happy to see a nice patch of them happily hanging out. I have put these on tiles before, it might be time to do some more.

Be safe.
Checking in after we unload the kiln.


Barbara Rogers said...

Good luck on your kiln load...can't wait to see the beautiful pottery you're making! Love those sweet sunflowers!

Trish said...

Happy that you are firing Ms.B.. Looking forward to the results. Cheers from Alberta!. :) T.

cookingwithgas said...

we just took a quick look and what we can see looks good.