Friday, September 29, 2017

Working on the details

We are working out a price list along with an order sheet for the tea shop.
We think it will be worth while to start with just 3 items that could be reordered as needed.
If these become good sellers for the shop we will look at adding a few more items.

The teacup with a handle and a saucer to match.
It's funny that I had someone ask me for an item like this in the past year or so and I just discarded the thought. I was not paying attention to the tea drinkers who are out there, forgive me.

The cups will be offered without a handle as well as with.
I know there are folks who love to cradle the cup in their hands.
I am a handle kind of gal even if I turn the handle around away from me to hold the cup when I start drinking, as it cools. Plus, I love a good handle.

White- can I go out to edge of the limb here and ask you if any of you know why white is the new go to color.
You see nothing but white in kitchens, bedrooms, bath, living rooms, is it possible to have 2 dogs, a cat, some kids, and live in the land of red mud, and have an all white house?
I want proof.
If we had white here, I would have to grown a mop on one arm and a bucket on the other.
Back to the reality, it is lovely.

With this line think beach, waves lapping at sand, warm summer nights, starry skies.
And, keep those fingers crossed on this working out for us.
We can use all the positive thoughts we can get.


Peter said...

I really like the first cup and saucer, the glaze combination is really yummy, and I would be happy to sit with it long after the coffee or tea ran dry!
White kitchens, yes well... I'm not sure what is the height of fashion here in NZ, but I do notice so many houses in this part of the world going grey, outside, inside, and probably underneath if you could get under there! When you see a whole street of them, or them clustered around on what used to be a lovely hilltop with a view over the sea, they look to me as grim and mean as a collection of battleships out to cause trouble! It is funny that those who want everything grey do their darnedest to avoid going grey themselves! Ha! My favourite kitchens are usually full of colour... but, I'm odd I guess!

Michèle Hastings said...

White does seem to be the new obsession. We sell more vessel sinks in our "nuka" white glaze than any other, along with mugs, piggy banks, bowls... We now mix the glaze in 32 gallon containers. We used to only mix shino in that large amount!

cookingwithgas said...

It's not that I have not noticed the white trend, I just had hope that it would go away. I not a real trend follower, I like what I like and that is what I buy. After kids and animals I am not into white- too much work for me. I always want to get out a pack of crayons when I see white and draw on it....:)