Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Button, button

We all remember playing this game as a kid.
Button, button, who's got the button?
If you don't know how to play this you need to look it up, really.
I have made buttons off and on for some crazy reason or another. A few weeks back as I was working on tiles, I made buttons.
When they came out of the kln I thought they were pretty cute.
I could see these on a  hats, sweaters, kid's clothes, pillows.
Just fun accents.
 I really like those stars, just a whim to cut them and make them into buttons.
I think they are cute.
A word I don't usually use with our work.

Who knows when I will try some again since things are heating up for the holiday season that is coming quick.
Mark also had 3 Tea Pots out of the last kiln that I had glazed in some of the newer combinations we are firing in the electric kiln.
It is a different way for us, but one that we are enjoying.

There is one more that I just could not get a decent picture of, all the shinny black just lets the light bounce right back at me.
I have never declared myself a person who knows how to take good pictures, I just shoot until I get lucky.
Teapot looks better in person.

Hug your loved ones, tell people hell-o as you pass them, reach out with kindness, do good things, life has been a bit hard lately and many are in pain.
I hope we can all find a way to make things better for each other.


Laurie said...

You know I love your buttons! Life has been rather hard lately. Hoping to catch up with you soon.

Linda Starr said...

Your buttons are cute, I made some last year but I thought my holes were too big so only bisqued them, what did you use to make your holes?

cookingwithgas said...

corn cob holders work for me- just a tip I picked up- it takes a tiny learning curve but once you know how, it's easy.

Linda Starr said...

great tip Meredith, thanks so much

Maria (also Bia) said...

I love the buttons. What a decorative accent that would be on a thick, stylish scarf!