Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ms. B

 It is time to wind down the pottery for 2017 with one last firing in Ms. B.
  Mark and I will be glazing, loading and firing the gas kiln for the end of the year. We have a few orders to finish up before Christmas after that we hope to do our end of the year business meeting to talk about next year.
We always look at how things went the past year as we move into the next year.
This year has been filled with many changes some of which we will keep and move into, some of which we will dump for something else.

In all things you must be willing to make changes in order to survive.We started this business in 1982 there have been many pots made over those years.
And, many changes in our lives.
We already know we will be adding more of the pottery we are making in the electric kiln. We like the results, it is a quicker turnover, and we getting  positive feedback from our customers.

For Ms. B we are planning to turn her over to a white clay body and work into some of the glazes that are working well in this kiln.

You have to learn to be flexible with what works. There have been many changes with our work over the past 10 years and we plan to follow those changes.

I will post up some glaze results for you after we fire.

Shop hours- We will be open Monday/Tuesday by appointment.
Wednesday- Saturday 10-5.
After the 20th of December please check before you come out.
You can call or email us, this information is on our website.

For Jan/ Feb contact us for hours and appointments.
We plan to cut some hours but still be open enough for walk ins.
We are also happy to shop and ship for you.
Just contact us.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, changes and plans that change as a result of the results! I've dropped my doing some things, and just celebrated the concept that now I have all that time left to do something else in. I wonder what will come next!