Monday, November 13, 2017

The brain and the madness of it all.

When I am working on glazing I have had times that I can not stop a thought. The thoughts of what if I try this or what if I do that. I know you know what I mean, you have to. The other day as I was glazing the last kiln before our show this weekend I needed blinders to keep me in focus. I kept telling my brain don't look over there, stop thinking about the next thing and think about the task at hand.
My brain did not want to listen.
Look, you have room for 3 small tiles that you can do this test on, just do it.
And, so I did.
I grabbed up the 3 small tiles above and drew on them, I then used a black pottery pencil to follow the lines. I then tried one with a glaze on top, it covered too much. I tried the other 2 just as I would my tiles with the black wax on them. I then waxed them and applied a background glaze. I juggled some space in the kiln and in they went. I think there should always be something in the kiln that you want to see, something to get excited about. I was curious to look at these small tiles.
My reaction is that I like them and now cannot wait to put this to the test on some other pieces.
BUT, we have a show this weekend and I have to sit on this until it is over.
Instead we are packing up the booth, packing boxes of pottery and shifting work to the store/gallery for Mark to have plenty of work to sell here.
Those new ideas will have to wait.
Last weekend a long time customer and his wife came in to pick up something for her birthday. She had been  in a few weeks back to ask about tiles, they had built a new house and were planning how to display their pottery. I told her to measure the space, cut out some craft paper and tape it up to see what the size is that they would like to have.
She did just that and it made it easy to pick out the work. Later that night I got this great picture of the tiles enjoying the company of another potter's owl lamp. Fun, I like it. I cropped the picture in order to remove a picture of them.
Also on saturday the backsplash was picked up and taken away to be installed. When I get pictures I hope to share.


gz said...

Yes indeed, always have at least one new idea in a corner of the never know!!

Barbara Rogers said...

It sometimes is hard to concentrate, especially when doing repetitive things!

Michèle Hastings said...

Your tiles look great in that space! It's always nice when people send photos of your work displayed in their home.
See you at the show!