Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tiles and more

 I am working away on some tiles and as long as I have clay I like to find something to do with the bits.
Two years ago I had a friend who wanted buttons for her craft work, i was reluctant to start making them again, but the mind had other plans for me. I have begun to realize that if I think about it it will have to be worked out.
So, I have been turing the bits into buttons and other things.
There is always plenty of room to tuck a bit of something small around the tiles,
I have a variety of glazes that I can either dip or paint on top.
 It is only when I am glazing that I think I have lost my mind.
Buttons.....never say never.

After they come out of the kiln I do enjoy seeing all those wee buttons. I have a number of crafters that are finding ways to use them, clothes, felted hats, clothes, accents, pillows....there are many possibilities.

I am going to fire this week and hope to have a tile for the Longleaf Film Festival ready to preview.

Be safe and find a reason to smile today.


Laurie said...

Lovely buttons and tile. I hope the Longleaf Film tile comes out wonderfully!

Barbara Rogers said...

I sure do appreciate all the work that went into them. They are gorgeous!

gz said...

kiln fillers..always good!