Monday, April 30, 2018

Digging through the winter months

 I'm guilty.
There I said it.
Of mentally hiding away this past winter. It was cold, messy and the perfect excuse to not be present in all things.
I was able to get the tile order out and done, work my day at the school and show up for family functions, but I am avoiding many things that help us function in the pottery.
I am tossing many things through the brain but is too easy not to implement the actions.
There is and are many distractions that take our attention away.
I thought the other day that our business was stronger before 

 we had a website, before we all had easy access to the WWW.....before FB, and all the other things I have not joined.
Before that we use to pack a bag, toss the kids in the car and go explore a place.
Yes, drive there rather than look on goggle earth, FB, or pin it to a board.
It does make me wonder how this last chapter will play out for us.
We love the creating, don't want to do an on line shop, it is a job that I don't want to take on.
I would rather be here creating, and greeting you as you drive up to find us.

For now, we will be here, it is up to you to come and find us.
It's good for the soul to step out and explore the world around you.

We are small, but we are mighty.


gz said...

interesting and thought provoking...but how would I have found you without the internet? I've met many potters from all over the world at the Aberystwyth Biennial Ceramic Fest,over the years..but online has shared knowledge and friendship much further

Maggie said...

I am SO guilty of the same feelings. I feel better knowing I am not the only one with this attitude!! Thank you for the words. Come find us! Hugs, Maggie. Grand-kids are better in person.

cookingwithgas said...

the sharing and meeting of potters, customers, friends, has a true value.
What I need to add to that value is income.
I think the market is wide open, that is good and bad.
I think we are all trying to figure this out.

cookingwithgas said...

Maggie- yes, come find us.

Laurie said...

And what a wonderful exploration it is to find your shop, and all the treasures inside!

cookingwithgas said...

thank you Laurie!

Melissa Rohrer said...

Your shop is beautiful. One of these days it will have to be part of a road trip.
I had to put aside my Etsy shop when I became involved with a local gallery. Photographing, listing, processing the sales, packaging, mailing- it takes time. I am no longer with the gallery but still dragging my feet when it comes to the online sales. One fun thing about it, though, is seeing your work going out all over the country, sometimes out of the country!