Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mother May I?

 We have jumped right back in and started the next 2 kiln loads.
I will need the cups for the cone 6 electric firing, while Mark will need the cruets that I am making for the gas firing.

We were very pleased with the pots that came out of Ms. B, makes me think we are getting a hang of this small gas kiln. We spent a lot of years firing the old work horse kiln, but those days are behind us, think working smarter.

We took advantage of the last two days to cut the grass, cut back some bushes and move the pots over to the gallery. I think we are all ready for the sunshine and no rain. The flowers in the yard are all blooming at one time after the cold weather delay. I am happy to see them.

 Below you will find our favorite picks from the kiln.
A jug, 2 jars and a crock. The glaze on the crock and jar in the front are something new Mark has been working with, it will fast become a keeper. I do like how well it works with the ash glazes.

 Here's one of the flowers for you, can you smell it?
These always amaze me, so pretty.
Cheers for now.


Barbara Rogers said...

Yummy glaze! Flower that I wish I could smell! Snifffff!

gz said...

you're so lucky to be somewhere you can sell your work..making more gives you a chance to develop and grow in yourselves