Friday, June 22, 2018

A jar

In a garden.
Last week was blasted hot and I did everything I could to keep the garden wet enough to make it through the first round of heat.
After a number of summers teaching I took this summer off to give my life a bit of the balance of just being here, making pots and tiles, growing a flower or two.
I did get a good start on those things but managed to kill 2 plants trying to save them from the bugs. I won't tell you how I kill them just that I did.
Everything else seems to be growing despite my negative attempts.
This summer has been unlike any other summer in the gallery.
We get up, turn on lights, put A/C on energy saver and go about our day.
We are seeing very little traffic here or anywhere.
So, what has happened to traveling to our little neck of the woods.
There are plenty of guesses but no real reasons.
These grow with no help from me. Queen Anne's Lace


 We will continue to make work, but are in some serious thoughts about store hours.
Any thoughts?
I look back at post from years past and there are comments, discussions, but now most folks have moved to FB or other platforms.
If you are truly interested, let me know.
It is hard to talk to just myself.


DirtKicker Pottery said...

How nice that you took a break from teaching this summer. Sorry about your lost plants. I try to not use chemical cleaners, pesticides or herbicides. I was told that a tbsp of dawn dish soap mixed with a quart of water will kill aphids. I'm going to try it. Hope it does't kill my roses.

So many potters on FB and Instagram now. I must admit I get sensory overload when I cruise Instagram. Everything is photos, not much to read or learn.

Love the jar and tiles.


gz said...

FB is instant hit, then pass on.
I love blogs and websites...the ability to wander back and refer to previous postings easily is valuable.

smartcat said...

About sales, I have no idea. Early summer doldrums/. Perhaps things will pick up after the Fourth of July. Toes crossed.
On the other hand our Christmas sale made the most we have done in several years.
I agree about the fall off in blog responses. I find FB is fine for a few photos and comments, but if I want to go into details I prefer doing it on my blog.
I guess we are the old war horses! 😉

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh dear, and I agree that blogs seem to be less of interest. Pottery is always something folks will want and need, just like flowers. I hope you have more of those pottery lovers come your way for sales soon. I'm not doing much to sell these am not in the same boat. Just miss all the chats on blog though.

Melissa Rohrer said...

True, FB has taken some of my focus away from the blog. I still enjoy reading blog posts, though. They tend to capture one's full attention in a way that FB posts do not.
Yeah for Queen Anne's Lace! It is my favorite flower.

angela walford said...

Hey M, I'm here! It's a strange and very different world in social media these days but I do pop in every now and then. I wonder where all your travellers are? How are the neighbours fairing? I'm moving back home myself and making a new studio space at the front of the house, we'll see how things go :D

cookingwithgas said...

Well all- your comments were all lost, just found them. Thanks!