Monday, June 4, 2018

June is here and, so are the jars

These are just out of the kiln and heading over to the shop.
Great detail on the lids.
I just love a jar, they are so useful for so many things, the list is endless on things that can go inside a jar.
Summer is here and that brings out all things bug along with creepy crawling things. I am keeping my eye out for those friendly critters,
We are open most of the time, if we are working, we are open, but just in case we have that odd day away be sure and contact us if you want to see us.
I hope June treats you well.


PotterMiller said...

Love the jars! Argh on the creepy crawlies........ sitting in the back room in the middle of the night and out of the corner of my watched a wolf spider scurry across the carpet..... it was so big It could have knocked before entering! A heads up would have been nice ☺️

cookingwithgas said...

UGH! Yes, knock-knock!