Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12

It's June 12th and we are almost halfway through the month, how this happens I have no clue.
I am not teaching this summer, but enjoying some time putting that day to other uses.
Today I am heading out to wax pots for a small load of pots in the electric kiln.
I have been working on tile while Mark is restocking the beer size mugs that are great size for whatever you like to drink.
We are open, if we are here working, but we are planning to look at what it would be to only be open by appointment only or Wednesday- Saturday.
 I have seen a number of pottery shops around us close, go up for sale, or sale or rent. I am not sure what this means for us all in the long run.
We are trying to figure that out.
We don't plan to sell, or move, we are still here working away.
Add us to your stop if you are in Seagove.


Laurie said...

Love the soft light in these photos. That's a pretty color bee balm.

smartcat said...

Your sales area looks so inviting. One day I will make it to Sea Grove to see all the wonderful stuff for myself!