Friday, October 26, 2018

I am working on a house

I try to look back at all the designs that run through my head when I am working on tiles.
I notice what seems to be gone, and those things I need to repeat. It is hard to fully repeat any tile since they are all handmade and vary a bit here and there.
So I added in one of the houses that I have been doing.
The houses came out one day when I was waiting for the older granddaughter to come join me in the studio when she was visiting me.
As I waited I was looking at a needlepoint that was sitting in front of me.
I picked up a pencil and out came this house.
  The house changes every time I make one. In this one there is a tree, the sky is going to be a lighter blue. I planted some flowers in the yard. It has a stone walkway. There are times the door is retangular, this one begged for a Hobbit type door. I enjoy making these, this one went a bit faster, I had one that I worked off and on for months. I just was stuck and couldn't get moving on it.
I was happy that this one was built in a day.
I thought we needed more red flowers, so, there are red flowers coming.

 And, bunnies, those bunnies creeping through the night are also in the works.

More bottles and jugs are heading in the kiln as well.
I might be stuck on those bottles and jugs.

I'll post some after pictures next week.
Be safe,


Barbara Rogers said...

Excellent listening to that inner, bottles, bunnies and yes, red flowers!

smartcat said...

That’s a very, very,very nice house. Two cats in the yard? 🤭
One of the things that I love about decorative painting is changing the design every time I do it.

cookingwithgas said...

I think I could do 2 bunnies in the yard! Might need to happen.