Friday, September 20, 2019

New raised beds and Ms. B

 In July I was clearing out the raised bed that sat in front of the shop. The bed needed to be dug out and replaced. Mark talked me into trying a tall raised bed there. It was a great idea and rather than plant it with flowers we decided to make it a bed for lettuce, chard and collards.
So far it has worked really well and we have enjoyed eating our greens we are growing.
I think getting those beds up might be a great way to grow more next summer.
 This week we are on to a small gas firing in Ms. B. Most of it is glazed we are just waiting for a bisque to cool that will fill in the gaps.
There are some really wonderful flattened bottles in this load. Mark has also been playing with some new brushes.
We are interested in seeing the results.
I hope many of you are enjoying pleasant weather. I know we are. A/C off and windows open.
Although last night I heard the call of a very loud bird on the pond.
I do love the crickets and the last of the summer bugs as they quiet down for the fall to come.

 Find a little joy where you can.


Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, joy can be found in the most amazing places, if we just look for it!

cookingwithgas said...

so true