Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stand up wheel- repaired and ready to go!

Mark has finished the repairs on my mudbox and wheel. We just set the wheel up in the lower room where he has been throwing for the past month or so. We are back to sending him to the space in Star while I stay here to work.
Note the foot pedal up- I use my hand to regulate the speed rather then stand on one foot.
We use cinder blocks to set the wheel up for height.

Last week the electricians were here and all the electric work is done. We have a bit of smoke clean up to do in the hallway before we start paint. It is so tempting to skip the little details and move in!
BUT- we are going to stick with the plan and complete everything before we move in.
Baby steps- we have come a long ways- just hold on a bit longer.


Deborah Woods said...

Smart idea to wait until you are finished before moving in. we all know how that goes. Next thing you know, three years have gone by and you still have unpainted sheetrock.

Annapants! said...


cookingwithgas said...

Boy! do I know about the unfinished stuff! LOL!
I have plenty of those spots in the house as well- .

Cynthia said...

You're wise to wait until the studio is finished before moving in. I regret moving into my space before finishing it. Hauling everything out would be a nightmare.

Wow - the wheel stand looks more complicated than I thought it would, but you have a large work area that looks ideal. I'm pretty jealous of your window view.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Cynthia- the wheel is a real delux in many ways. Lots of room for the water and tools- I keep some sponges in the box to soak up the water.
It is going to be harder to wait Mark just came home from Star and they don't turn on the heat there because it takes too much LP Gas to heat the space-
Seems we are going to revise the plan but still not move in completely.
It is a great view- I am going to post a fall picture.