Monday, October 18, 2010

A burst of flavor and a new BFF

Yesterday Mark and I took a drive out in search of fall and even though we found some color we both have the feeling we are being fall deprived.
We really need that cold weather in order for the trees to think, "hey, man it is fall....".
Soon- very soon.
Before we left I had picked some of the Basil that was just hanging on.
I have been grabbing handfuls when I need some but it will not last forever.
It was time to take some in and put it away for that fresh burst of flavor.
I have made pesto many times, but I now like to just chop the Basil and add nothing but olive oil.
Then freeze in TBS.- then when you need some in your sauce or to just brighten ( see I watch and learn from the cooking shows)a soup-just toss one in at the last minute.
Now really you want to know about these two sweet, wonderful tea bowls don't you?
All the blah,blah was just to keep you interested.
The tea bowls were a gift from Hollis.
He was kind and generous to bring one for me and one for Mark.
That is one smart man because who wants to watch two potters arm wrestle or have a big old fat smack down over who gets to use the tea bowl.
We both picked one and mine is perfect.
Now, I am hand washing this guy daily so I can use him daily.
My new BFF.
But Mark walks in the other night to pour a glass of wine and says, "I think you have my tea bowl."
"What??!!" I say as I am chopping veggies with a very sharp knife.
Yes- he thinks I have nabbed his tea bowl.
Now you would think we would be happy with either, which we would, but the reason we have been married FOREVER is we leave each others stuff alone.
Now here is where things could have gone ugly.

But instead I took my tea bowl and turned it to him and said, "do you see that little green glass drip there?"
"Yes", he said.
"This is my tea bowl, I claimed that drip".
Enough said- but I am keeping my eye on him.


Judy Shreve said...

Oh the 'dance of marriage!' lol

I too am so ready for some color. It's been so dry I'm afraid our leaves are going to go straight to brown and fall off this year.

That's some beautiful basil -- and two beautiful teabowls!

Linda Starr said...

It's really dry here too, not a cloud in the sky, boy that basil looks good, do you ever make pesto?

TropiClay Studio said...

I do the same thing with my cup from Joel Blum... gotta keep my eye on it or the grandkids snatch it!

Tracey Broome said...

Gerry and I do the same dance with our Hollis cups. That's why I bought both of Brandon's bowls, no problems now with cups or bowls, and Wesley has her Jeff Martin cup and her Laura Farrow cup so we are all happy! When the Hollis cups are in the dishwasher, the Mark and Meredith cups are in use and if all those are dirty we have some other favorites to keep the peace!

Hollis Engley said...

Now ... don't fight, kids.


Hilarious! You'd better keep your eye on him...that is one lovely tea bowl.