Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clay and Blogs:Telling a Story

Mark and I went back to Southern Pines to spend some time taking pictures and taking in the pottery in the show.
As most of you know that is a hard thing to do in a room full of people.
When there are people there talk gets in the way of look.
I enjoyed spending time with all the pots and mentally talked to all of them about what I thought I would do with them if I could just take all home with me.

In this display I enjoyed how the display was set up and the colors all played well with one another.
Gary Rith, Peter Gregory,  Jennifer Mecca and Judy Shreve.
Then peeking off to the left you can see some Ron Philbeck.
I have to admit I played with all of them.
Picking them up, turning them all around and just enjoying handling pottery I have seen on line but not in person.
There was a person who came up and just starting talking about how she loved Ron's clothesline pots.
She went on and on about them.
Picking up the cups turning them all around and feeling the handles and weight in her hand.
She was thinking about one for her daughter... I just know she would love one... let's hope she bought one.

Then I wandered over to this Michael Kline jug that stood all alone, but was like a greeter to another room.
Doesn't it just have the nicest presence?
This jug said to me, come on in take a look around- but be sure to get back over to me with all my fine decoration running around on my fat belly and up across my shoulders and under my handle.... how could you resist me?

But then- oh- a Kitty Shepherd tile!
Kitty's work with all the detail and layers to it really talks.
The bird with those wonderful feathers!
I will tell you the truth, I took it off the wall.
Yes, I did and ran my fingers over those wonderful colors.

I took more pictures and so did Mark.
I hope to get more up soon.
But meanwhile enjoy looking and better yet take a ride out to see the show.
It will come down by the end of the month and the month is rolling away fast.


Linda Starr said...

I have to say I was amazed at seeing all my blogging friends work in person, each person's work is so much more wonderful in person than it is on a flat screen, and Kitty's colors and detail really call to me. I am so happy I had this opportunity to see so many artist's work all in one place.

Hollis Engley said...

It's a damn good show, Meredith. I've got my film of it on DVDs and will get one in the mail to you tomorrow. It's just the walking/talking tour I took of the pots an hour or so before the show opened.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Linda and Hollis- it was and is a great show- can't wait to see the DVD.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

thanks again meredith, for this and everything else :)

Kitty Shepherd said...

HI Meredeth,
How do I go about getting the tile posted back now it is all over? Seems like such a long time ago now!