Thursday, October 21, 2010

Testing 1,2,3.....

Before I go hog wild on the back splash I have one round of test to finish up.
Lee and I went over the glazes for the back splash and there are a few I have recently added that we both like.
Now to move them from a 2 inch tile to bigger.
You know how this is -you make a test love it and then throw it on EVERYTHING- only to have it come out of the kiln ... and you look and go- OMG what is that?
Ouch- too bright, too loud too PINK- whatever.
So I wanted to put some combinations of different glazes on larger test to see how they all came together.

I will fire this either tomorrow after Lee comes back and brings some of her work to help me finish loading the top of the kiln.
Or Saturday  just depends on when she gets here.

I have high hope that it will all work.

I added in some pillow pots to help fill the kiln.
I like the new combination of the burgundy-red with the reddish-brown background.
Then again- it is glaze and who knows what will really happen.

Gosh did someone say it is time to put feet up and have a glass of wine.
Sorry- gotta go!


Linda Starr said...

Everything is looking super, hope you post the results of your test tiles.

janet said...

yes, it's time to put up your feet and have a glass of wine and so will I but I am not a potter and don't understand about putting the pillows in - please explain.

ang said...

hehehe yes, it is lunchtime after all, have one for me i have to go trim...;)) said...

Oh I know that feeling well with firing pieces where something really unexpected happens.

Those pillow pots are amazing! Never seen anything quite like them.

Judy Shreve said...

My fingers are x'd -- these look wonderful - so hope the tests come out perfectly! Love the pillow pots. And we had a glass of wine with you -- lol!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Great work! You all are inspiring with the unique shapes, styles, and images you use.

Patricia Griffin said...

Hope you had a relaxing evening. Love the pillow pots.

Cindy Shake said...

I would be freaking out hoping that the tiles all fire correctly-egads- after all that work!!! Good on you for the patience of testing -it was my bane :o( Love those pillow pots as well -wow, all a lot of beautiful work!

cookingwithgas said...

Thank goodness for testing---