Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a long look or cutting back

At the end of last year Mark and I made a decision to sign up for no shows.
I know, a bit crazy I am sure.
We have thought this over a lot and decide we wanted the freedom from the burden of packing and going away from our store we run here on the farm.
We wanted to just be here as much as we possibly can.
I have had many folks ask where we will be this year.
We will be here.
When we first opened our plan was to make and  sell our work from where we live.
That still stands.
If you want us this is where we will be.
If you want to make sure we are here- we do have families- call or email us.
If you can not get here we do ship and the Etsy shop is always open.
So we plan to take one of those hard looks out how we can continue to work from home and sell pots.
Come on out and see us we are having some great weather.


gz said...

its good to have a home that you can sell from

Judy Shreve said...

What a great decision! Yall's work is so fabulous -- and I've always heard it's best to create a 50 mile radius to sell from. And now there's Etsy to add to that! Best of all the worlds.
I've just been invited to join a show in Washington state. I'm thinking about not doing it -- I too want to focus on being here -- so it's good to see someone else making that same decision -- best of luck & sales.

John Bauman said...

Someday. Some day. It's my wife's dream. The dogs would like it too.

Linda Starr said...

Shows are exhausting; I understand your decision, it's nice to purchase pottery where it's sold. I've been rethinking two day shows as I am not sure I could last even a whole day, farmer's market hours would be better I think, I wish. So I'm looking into other avenues for sales.

Charles The Potter said...

I think you can do just as well between home and online sales. Over the past year our online sales have become fully 1/2 of our income. We've made the decision to drop many of our less profitable shows and only attend the ones we either love, or do really well at. It's really nice to get up pack orders, mail, then head to the studio to make more. Next year I hope to drop even more events and increase online and wholesale opportunities.


Becky said...

Excellent idea. That was my plan from the start too. I have no desire to do a show every weekend.. there's just so much extra work. Good luck on your year of no-shows! :)

Shortstuff said...

Good...now I know where you'll be when I want to come visit. ;^)

Jerri Neddermeyer said...

Way to live your own life by your own rules! I really love the second pot this posting! I need to get back on my wheel for real!

cookingwithgas said...

It would be great if the customer would come to us all!
That is wishful thinking!
But after last year and now this year with another very ill family memember I have to pick what is really important at this time.

littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

Good luck, I really love your work and I'm sure people are prepared to make that trip out to see you!