Friday, September 30, 2011

Raven Pottery and Art Nutz in Southern Pines NC

Raven Pottery and Art Nutz opened last month in downtown Southern Pines on the corner of Broad and Pennsylvania. The building is on a corner and has lovely big windows, tin and brick inside and a large variety of pottery and arts. Raven Pottery is our friend Anne Raven Jorgensen who moved from Seagrove to Southern Pines a few years ago. She had been working from a coveted garage attached to her house when the opportunity to partner with John from Art Nutz came up. She jumped in and the new space is working out wonderfully for her. She has set up a wheel at the back of the shop to work. Then  she has a set of stairs just around the corner that lead down to the basement where she has plenty of room for a working studio.

It is one of those great buildings with tin and brick to show off the work inside.
And- there is a women who is setting up a Crepe business next door.
Don't you know that all those people full of Crepes and chocolate are going to just float over to spend some money on pottery.

Anne's work area just up the first aisle
I am already making my plans for a trip when the Crepe business opens.
If you are in Southern Pines or Pinehurst drop in and see the new gallery.
Look for Anne of John they will be happy to help you.
Cheers, M


Shortstuff said...

Looks like great space. Can't wait to visit it.

Amy said...

wonderful place and location! great to see some of your pieces there too...

Peter said...

Always interesting to see how pots can be displayed, and ways of using old shops. I do wonder about making a glass fronted display cabinet for our place, for the occasional pot that has worked out really well. Somewhere nearby selling food certainly will help bring people.

cookingwithgas said...

Leslie - we will have to go down there when you are here.
Amy - I hope you stop in and meet Anne.
Peter- it is a grand idea- showcase some pottery to be seen outside the shop never hurts.
I love old buildings-

Michèle Hastings said...

crepes... yummy! definitely on my to do list... i have seen Anne's work at Creation here in the 'grove, she does some cool sculptures.

Anne Raven Jorgensen said...

We are so glad to have your beautiful pots in our store!!!
I hope everybody will come and see us and do some of their christmas shopping in the store.

Linda Starr said...

What a nice space, I love that downtown, old town area, so fun to walk the streets, hopefully some day I can get back there.

Judy Shreve said...

looks like a beautiful gallery - would love to get there one day!

Amy said...

Yes I've stopped into Raven Pottery! I recommend that all visit. Great location too--