Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday in October

Well it happened we turned on the heat yesterday and I dug out a blanket for sleeping last night.
October came in with its own agenda with snow in the mountains and a cold breeze blowing here.
The tiles are finished, packed and being delivered today.
It is funny when I am working on a group of tiles that they are more like components to me until the backs are glued and they are hung on a wall.
They seem like all parts and I can't pull the real image into my eye until I see them hung.
When I fix the backs on and the glue is set up and I am putting in the wire for hanging I have two nails on the wall and I hang each one just to see if the design carried through.
And it did.
The tile flat on a table looks flat to me.
The tile on the a wall looks sweeping and more alive.
And I feel better  about sending them out.
Now- did I get a picture of said tile on the wall- no- I was too busy with the steps to do that.
Lazy potter that I can be...
 Here is one before the backs were on flat on a table.
These tiles will be given to the donors for a conference in Raleigh.
2011 NAAEE Annual Conference
Theme:  Rooted in Time; Branching to the Future
Raleigh, NC
October 12-15, 2011
I did think they fit the theme and I hope they are enjoyed.

Now on to the next thing- glazing for the small gas kiln.

If I lived in Boston this might be the start of my day... I think I will leave the traffic to the city folks.
I just have to watch out for the occasional disgruntled squirrel.
Best get cracking!


Linda Starr said...

They do look better on the way, but I can see the movement very well in this one, love the leaning tree, I had a blanket last night oo.

Linda Starr said...

should be on the wall, ha

Michèle Hastings said...

the recipients of those tiles will love them. we haven't turned heat on in the house yet... just put on a sweatshirt. jeff did run a space heater for a bit to warm his feet in the studio yesterday

Gary's third pottery blog said...

gorgeous tile, gorgeous! and yes, our heat on today, my hands flippin' freezing all the work day....

Judy Shreve said...

Love this tile - wish you had gotten a photo of the group! October is my favorite month. No heat yet, but did dig out my fuzzy slippers.

Tracey Broome said...

Definitely have the heat on, sad to say. Although I was wishing for this weather back in August. You are the tile queen, missy!

Anna said...

I'm determined to (try anyway) not turn the heat on till November (!) It's been chilly but they are saying high 70s again by the end of the week. Hubby is chilly so don't know if we will make it.

Of course I LOVE the tile. Trees and tiles. YUM.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks for your nice comments on the tile- after the 18th one.....
we did turn heat on because we live in the trees-which is great in the summer months. The house stays very cool all day and we don't need a/c until late in the day. The downside of this is in the winter the house stays cold.
This morning I woke up cold it was like whoops its CHILLY..
anyway extra socks would be great if i would wear them when i sleep...but they make me quite mad to do so...
boy what a chatty cathy...

jim gottuso said...

hi meredith, lovely tile... i resisted turning the furnace on for a very chilly week or so and it's gonna be in the 80s all week now

Shelley Whiting said...

The tile is very gorgeous and elegant. Very beautiful and wonderful.