Thursday, October 18, 2012

About the stamp

The stamp we are using for the mugs is homegrown right here in North Carolina at JetStamps

We had the group that ordered the mugs order the stamp and send it right to us. This way we did not have to try and figure out how best to have what they wanted to say placed on the stamp.

The stamp is working very well and we have tested different stains in the stamped area to see how best they will work.
Number 5 is the winner which is a black stain with some frit and clay as binders.

We have had a few losses and that is to be expected when you are trying to put a medallion on a curved area. If we don't get it right it just blows itself off.
That is better then the ones that have cracked and then popped off leaving a big wad behind. At least when it blows off with a little sanding the mug can be used with a glaze on it, no harm done.
But if it leaves a wad those are hard to remove and is it worth it when you can discard, move on and make another?
Yes, nice mug but what is with the tear drop on the side?

We expect some loss when you are doing custom work it is just going to happen. So far it is only 4 out of 50. Fingers crossed that the ones done yesterday and the ones holding in the bisque kiln are good.

A Potter can not live by mugs alone so sugar jars are being made along with bowls, canisters, pumpkin jars and creamers.

 It has been awhile since we made canisters and it is like riding a bike they came right back.

I am just about human again so I think I can read and comment on blogs.
I have some catching up to do.

For you leaf folks out there- the trees are starting to show off, I can see some good reds right out the window when I am. It is time for an ride through  Carolina  for some tree looking.

Time for tea.


Linda Starr said...

I can imagine that curved surface can be tricky to add the medallion, using the vinegar has helped me.

Michèle Hastings said...
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Michèle Hastings said...

We met the owner of JetStamps last year when he came through Seagrove. His stamps are very precise and clear.
We have been considering ordering a couple.

I would say 4 clunkers out of 50 isn't bad!

angela walford said...

You been crazy busy again!!Hope you had an awesome wkf and wish I were closer with events like these.... catch up with you soon M :))

Lori Buff said...

I think only 4 out of 50 is fantastic. I always make extras as sacrifices to the kiln gods when I do custom orders.
The mugs and jars all look great, you should have your stock replenished really quickly.

Tracey Broome said...

I've been testing some stains and my favorite so far is nickel oxide with cobalt oxide on top. Stains are fun! Look forward to seeing the finished mugs!!

Lori Langford, Owner, Big Dog Pots Pottery said...

Thanks for sharing your process. I use a lot of custom stamps in my work up here in Virginia with various retailers. I have found that adding a medallion, or other large shape to a round surface is definitely trial and error. What I found that helps me the most is if the medallion is kept on the thin side. It seems to adhere easier and I have less unwanted explosions. The mugs are lovely, and look not only substantial but also VERY inviting :).

Julia said...

Our fall color has already come and gone! It is amazing how different parts of the country come in to their own in Autumn, right?

Those canisters are wonderful. The sugar bowls are my FAVORITE!

DirtKicker Pottery said...

The mugs look great. Is the stamp metal or wood?

cookingwithgas said...

Cindy- it is a plexiglass like material. I expected wood or metal. I am not sure I would myself ask for this over metal.
Julia- Thanks- I do love a good sugar jar!
Lori- the medallion is as think as it can be for the stamp- there is a lot of stamp here.

cookingwithgas said...

TB- nickle and cobalt...hummmmmm
Lori- I am ready for a hibernation..
ang- it is the season here- busy!

cookingwithgas said...

mh- yes we met him as well- nice guy- I would have a stamp made by them.
Linda- we do have some "stuff' we use to help them stick.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

the wee sugar jars are sooooo cute :)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Love those sugar jars! Glad you had a great party. Sound like everything went off without a hitch! said...

Hope everything goes well with your biscuit firing, they look lovely! It's always disappointing when things dont work out quite so well...