Friday, November 1, 2013

November kiln

After a very hectic week we unloaded the kiln this morning to some good results.

Whoops, we unloaded the lamp bases before we took the picture.
Overall we had a really good firing, but we did have some seconds in there.
You always have to have a few right?
Some of them were caused by crawling glaze. Who knows why there are  times when it works and times that it just does not.
There were only two pots that needed death by hammer.
( why does that feel so satisfying.....)

  Fall is here.
We had decided that we were not going to see any really good color this year when this week it all just bounced out. There is some fabulous color going on all around us.
Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Next up:
We are working on building a new booth for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters that is coming up at the end of the month.
I have tiles made and need to get them glazed and fired.
There are many things to get done to tie up the end of the year.
Pottery making will be a bit scarce for the next few weeks.
I will keep you posted.
Meanwhile a walk in the woods is on my list.


Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I can't imagine anything coming out of that kiln needing the hammer! Stunning pots and gorgeous glazes. They match your lovely red maple trees! Enjoy your walk.

Tracey Broome said...

Perfect time of year for warm pots out of the kiln and walks in the woods. This is the time of year when I want to go pottery shopping!

Michèle Hastings said...

Everything looks awesome!

You guys are building a new booth and we decided to keep it simple this year. After the last show we just don't have the energy to set up our full blown booth.

Sandy miller said...

Nice kiln load!!
Have to say that is one of the prettiest kilns out there!

OYE! The ever changing booth! I really need to simplify but so far it has not happened! Happy building!

Don't you love it when Fall jumps up and yells one morning? Gosh, a fall walk in scrunchy leaves....... Nothing better! Have a good one!

smartcat said...

As I've said before, you're kilns look like should go on posters. One of the disadvantages of top loading kilns is that you never get that wonderful view of fired pots in the kiln.

Trees are odd and appear to vary widely in color from year to year. Our oaks are finally changing but the one over the pond is mostly green....who knows!

We've had weird, warm weather for the last few days....rain and wind the high sixties today!

Enjoy walking

Kathy Catlin said...

Beautiful pots and gorgeous kiln! Maybe the creepy crawlies were due to Halloween?!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks all, I do like when the glazes are the colors you want. I love a good tomatoe red pot.
Posters.....hmmmm,I like it.

Halloween, could have been.

Dennis Allen said...

Ok, maybe I am Psychic but I knew It was going to start getting light earlier in the mornings.

cookingwithgas said...

Dennis, you have connections.