Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What phone?

Our phone.
Seems as if we have been with no phone more than once lately.
In fact it has become almost like clock work around here.
No phone, again?
Yes, no phone again.
And, here's the kicker, when you call they make you all but bring in your first born child to get them to come out and see why you have no phone.
"Really, it is you" , I wanted to say.
They kept telling me all the things it could be and that all those things would be our fault.
Really, I think it is you.
And, it was.
There, are you happy now?

Yesterday we loaded the kiln and here is what we put in there:


back top


and front
Any questions?
 Ask quick in case the phone goes out.


smalltownme said...

Our phone's reliable but our power went out the other morning -- I think a fire took out a power line or something like that.

Dennis Allen said...

Make more this won't be enough! Phone Co ???It's like customer service has been turned over to the lawyers.

Booker DeWitt said...
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Sandy miller said...

We had phone trouble in June. They sent a guy out.... Finally! He was here an hour and started giving me the run around. My husband happened to be working from home that morning. When the repair guy said he had done all he could but we still didn't have service and he had to get to his next appointment. My said, very politely, call you supervisor on your phone and tell him you are being held hostage until we get service. Sure enough, the guy called his supervisor and handed the phone to Butch. The repair guy was here all day! We have a phone and so far it still works!
Go for hostage taking!

smartcat said...

Don't you love it when someone on a phone...possibly not even in this country...insists he knows what is wrong? Grrrrrrr!

Lori Buff said...

We had a problem with the DSL a couple of years ago. After many hours on the phone they finally agreed to send someone out but they told us we'd be charged because it was probably our fault. Nope, it was on the poll. The repair guy even complained about how awful the customer no-service phone agents are. Of course he'd complain, he doesn't want to be held hostage, but he did get the problem fixed.

cookingwithgas said...

update! I just took a survey on how my call was handled.... let's see what they think now.

Hostage would be great if they were sending out a brain with them... they sent 2 trucks and 2 guys to fix our broken wire- way to work the man power....

Laurie said...

How does a phone line break? Anywho, some lovelies caught my eye in the front row of that kiln load :o)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Oooh, I love the loaded kiln photos.

I had to call (India) about our washing machine and they wanted me to go through a whole list of things to try to fix it over the phone. I knew I needed a service call. Why? Because the service guy TOLD me I would need a service call. He was at my house for one thing and wanted to fix something else that he found but in order for him to get the part and come back, I had to call the call center to make an appointment. I finally put him on the phone and heard him say, "I'm an LG tech and I don't need to try all these things." Ridiculous waste of time and money.

On a happy note, can't wait to see those pots come out of the kiln!