Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mugs and snow

The weather decided that I needed a few days off from school. I want to thank the weather for that.
I spent today rolling out some blanks for tiles. I've set them all up to dry with the hope that I can get back to them tomorrow or Friday.
 I know for many people the weather is just a big fat mess. It is a big fat mess here as well. We had more ice than snow on the first round. Then today we had a quick snow shower.

 Lovely, big, fat flakes came falling down to cover the trees and ground. It all took about 30 minutes and then it was gone.
Just adding to the layer of melted ice which should freeze tonight.
Oh, joy.

Here I was going through this month thinking we had escaped the gritty part of winter.

But, no, there she is.
Stay safe and warm out there.
Spring is just around the corner.


Dennis Allen said...

Be warm be safe be patient.Spring has come almost every year since the last ice age.

smalltownme said...

It's pretty snow.

cookingwithgas said...

Dennis, I'm listening, keep talking.;)

smartcat said...

Pretty, and just think how quickly it will melt! Unless it gets really warm really quickly we are going to be very white for a while!
Love the shelves of work!

Barbara Rogers said...

Gorgeous pics...many mugs, as well as wonderland of snow.

Tracey Broome said...

winter wonderland!
I knew those warm days a couple of weeks ago were teasing us! Supposed to be down to zero tonight, brrr.

sddonlon said...

I'm impressed with the amount of work you produce. Hard for me to get motivated in the cold gray days of winter, you are an inspiration for me to get goin'!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

No...spring is not around the corner for Ithaca, but one day :)

Lori Buff said...

So pretty to look at, so nice to know it’s leaving soon.