Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July is winding down

 We always wonder what has happened to summer here in the south. I can tell you what has happened to summer, we are busy staying out of the heat. We are hiding in our air conditioned business or houses. We hop quickly from one area to the next before the heat sucks all the moisture out of us.
It was not always this way.
There were times even for us that air conditioning was not an option.
We spent those days lurking in the shadows, only coming out at night to sit and fan ourselves on porches or place ourselves in front of fans blowing lukewarm air.
How quickly we adapt to the new climate. We complain about the winter and then we recreate it in our lives for the summer.
We are an odd bunch.
Mark went and fired the kiln in the summer heat of almost 100 degrees, with a heat index of 108. He was fine because he could come in the work building where it is nice and coolish...

I decided that tiles were a perfect way to spend the day instead of hanging out in the heat.
I just keep piling these up for firing later.

We spent a little time at the local beer joint in Asheboro last weekend, after all we need to support the local businesses around us. We have our own mugs up there to drink out of. In fact, there are many mugs there made by us and other local potters. It is a nice exchange of support.
I also like to see the many mugs being used by different patrons and look at what they choose and possibly why.
We were there the other night with friends, it was packed, loud, noisy, music and food. It is a growing business with a great product I hope that when you are in our area you will go find them for a tasting. We all have our favorites, I have mine, when you go let me know which one you tried.
After all it's hot out there, a perfect excuse to go have a cold one.


Dennis Allen said...

I remember when AC was a novelty and no one had it in their house. We would go to the 5 and dime and hang out as long as we could. Remember Chilly Willie on the door proclaiming "it's cool inside?"

cookingwithgas said...

I do! Mark and I spent some summer days at the local mall before we put it in here.

Michèle Hastings said...

I am afraid to get my electric bill this month. Usually we can turn the house a/c off during the day when we are working in the studio, but this month it seemed it took so long for it too cool off in the evening that it didn't seem like the efficient thing to do. So we have been keeping it at 80 during the day. I am looking forward to opening windows again!

It's great to have Four Saints Brewery in Asheboro. We don't get out much, but when we do, we enjoy the beer and the nights that there is music.

cookingwithgas said...

We knock ours up during the day, down at night.
I'm trying to increase my up by two degrees, and Lord help us, my nights by two degrees up, from what is my favorite sleeping temp to see if we can lower our bill. It took me a few days to adjust to the new sleeping temperature, but now, I'm okay with it.