Saturday, July 23, 2016

Raw clay

 We all have to start somewhere.
Mark has been kindly suggesting that I find my way back to the wheel to make some pots.
I want to think that I am re-invited into a tile "artist".
Just me and the canvas so to speak.
In the Zen with the flat stuff.

He knows if he plants the seed of something it will grown in my brain until it has to come out, sneaky guy.
Folks are asking for your work, he softly says...
They are?
He's so pushy in his Pisces ways.
The brain won, I had to make some pots, I started with Jars.
I enjoy making jars.
It always takes me awhile to find the fun part of why I like them so much.
The blank slate, the thoughts and ideas, and, the glazing.

 On his side of the room, beer mugs are in full swing.
He makes a mean handle.
There are good handles, mediocre handles, but Mark makes a mean, great, handle.
It feels good, it works well.
What is a mug without a good handle?
A tumbler.....

 Coming up: Ms. B is going to be fired next week.
I am working on tiles as well as pots.
And, it's hot....


Barbara Rogers said...

Yay jars. I've got a slew of them, and can't seem to sell them at there a trick? Love yours, and those steins and handles too!

Laurie said...

I love both the jars & the beer mugs. I know about the mug/tumblers. I had a pottery mug once that became a tumbler while I was washing it... cut my hand in the process. The only good part is I won it as a door prize, so hadn't paid for it. Is there a grade below "good handles"? :o) Mark's are stellar.

Judy Shreve said...

Beautiful jars! Thank you Mark -)
And Mark does make a great handle -- love our beer & coffee mugs!
Hot here too!

Sandy Miller said...

Ooooooo Meredith, I love those jars! I cannot make that form for love of money, it always looks so wonky so BRAVO!
found my way to the wheel yesterday..... been awhile 🙄. and yes a cold one from that stein today would be lovely! 96 degrees and hotter tomorrow..... stay cool you guys!

Peter said...

Good that the wheel is calling you, and that Mark does some encouraging (pushing!). Lovely jars!

Joel said...

Jars and canisters are always one of my favorite happy places to play. It is a hard sell in most markets, but as an artist with a well practiced hand, you have a lot of potential "wow" in using those forms as a vehicle for artistic research and play and the surface scan be so big as to almost be flat. I've always loved your forms and surfaces as they are, but that's lousy reason to not stretch out again on the round canvas.

cookingwithgas said...

Ah, sweet words to continue on.
Thank you all.
If I'm not having just a wee bit of fun then I need to apply myself to something else.

Tracey Broome said...

Mark makes the best handle of any mug I have ever held. They are perfection!!!
You know you gotta be on that wheel, its a part of your fabric.....

cookingwithgas said...

TB- it was great to see you and talk, talk, talk, let's do that again when you can find a minute.

Dennis Allen said...

Had my coffee out of one of the big'uns this morning. Worked very well as usual.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Sweet Jar.
We use the big spiral mug all the time. The handle is extra awesome!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Such lovely texture on the jars :)