Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ring or no ring; cell phone in the studio?

I have had this thought on many occasions since I remember phones when they hung on the wall and you had to stand, or sit, to talk on them.
I have a cell phone but I have had to convince people that I am not attached to that phone.
I do turn it on everyday, when I remember. I do take it with me when I am planning to be out, when I am heading to school, when I think I need it, but I don't carry it into the studio with me.

I have told my family, close friends and students that if you really need me call the land line.
I would be more likely to answer that phone, as long as it does not say, unknown number, then I would to have  the cell with me.
I have thought about how much concentration it takes for me to finish the task at hand and I just can't see being interrupted every time something come up on FB, twitter, ( I don't have an account), instagram, ( I don't have this either) or text.
I leave my phone where it can be checked if I am going through the house, at lunch and then again around 4-5 pm.
I think I just figure it can wait for me to quit working, or if I am really needed someone will call.
What do you do with your phone when you are working?
On or off?
Do you answer it if you are working, or do you figure you can call them back or hope they leave a message.

  I do relish having hours of uninterrupted time to finish what I am doing.
Talk to me.
How do you handle your phone when you are working?


Michèle Hastings said...

My phone comes into the studio with me, mostly because the studio is part of the gallery and I use it for square. I also use the camera a lot.
I would really like to get a tablet for using the square, but that's probably not in the budget this year.

I rarely talk on it when I am home. I still prefer the landline :-)

cookingwithgas said...

Ok, good use for it, taking money on it is always good!

Maggie said...

I don't have cell reception at home so cell calls are forwarded to the landline. I have my laptop with email or Fb to distract me when I take a break! I do use the cellphone camera in the studio and share to instagram which also shares to FB. I dont have FB on my cellphone. I still have not figured out how to download or stream music or TV. I hate Directv. My DSL internet is too slow I think, for anything else.

Richard Hattaway said...

When my phone is with me, it normally sits where I can see it. It gives me caller ID, and I *can* answer it with one touch if I have to... IE if BH calls.. Other than that, I love to talk to friends, but if I am up to my elbows in something it's not always convenient.

But I can see who calls and if they leave a message I can get right back to them.

This is predicated by me having my phone with me, remembering to turn it on, and remembering to keep it charged. Those are a lot of memories...

Anna said...

Yes, I have my mobile phone with me in the studio... I usually put it on silent if I need to concentrate for a while... good for photos of process for later reference too. Our landline is only used for our internet connection.

Judy Shreve said...

My phone, laptop, iPad all are a giant distraction for me. My small studio serves as my office. It's also where I do yoga. The only positive is I can stream music (Spotify). I believe FB & Instagram has given me ADD - so I wish I could work in a space without the distractions. I guess I could turn them all off --- LOL

smartcat said...

The only thing I have in my studio is music. My cell phone is off when I am at home and I screen all my landline calls. Since I have managed to destroy two phones while in my studio there are no phones there,

cookingwithgas said...

Good conversation, I have been wondering how folks deal with the distractions we have these days. I'll admit to talking, yelling, at the radio now and then, we'll, maybe more now.

Lori Buff said...

I don’t have a landline, I only have a cell phone but I get spam calls on that so much I only answer it when I know who the caller is. I do bring it to the studio with me but I will not stop what I’m doing to check it. I’ve only had 1 real emergency call in my 50+ years of living so I think most things can wait.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I have to turn my phone off when I'm at work and I should learn to turn it off or at least put it away more often when I'm at home. Easy to become too distracted...and I certainly don't need up to the date updates with news these days.

cookingwithgas said...

I take mine to work- then forget I have it! I would rather teach with no distractions.