Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Little sister, making pots and glazing tiles

These two jars could be related.
 Mark is making a few jars and playing with shape and design.He is using a white stoneware body. There are a couple of thoughts on glazing, but let me get back to you on those.

We both seem to have a lot of different things going. I am working on tiles, and glazing pots.
The same but different.
When I start any new glaze combination, or tile, I need to commit the glazing to my memory bank. That is what I have been working on lately and it goes like this; what glaze goes first, what glaze works on top and what glaze works better under, and will this make a good liner glaze and if so, what works best with it.
I find it helps to think with a pencil in hand. I write directly on the pot. The pencil line or note will burn away during the firing. I write on pot bottoms if I remember before I apply wax. Otherwise right on the pot works too. I do make notes as well and if it is a test piece I write that note with black stain or pencil that is made of a stain that can I can read later.

We have been working off and on with a variety of test for the cone 10 gas kiln and the cone 6 electric fired kiln, since glazes can look alike in the bucket we have added a new way to identify the cone 6 from the cone 10 glazes. I know, if you have read this far stay with me it's really quite easy.  We bought some very bright pink duct tape to placed on the lid and on the bucket where we can write the name of the glaze and cone 6. This is important because uncovered glazes can look the same no matter if you are using 6 or 10 glazes. A quick look at the side of the bucket can save you a surprise later. Although, I have made some surprises that look great and were added to our mix. I have also figure out a mistake and had to wash 3 boards of pots. Wash, dry, reglaze equals frustration for that lost of time. Lesson learned.

Here are two of the tiles that I was glazing this morning.
It made me think that one was the big sister and the small one little sister.

I am also playing with a new camera that is one a different phone.
So here is Happy, the giraffe, I hope he makes you smile.

Don't forget the spring kiln opening in April.
We hope to see you here.


Barbara Rogers said...

Great to know you make notes...especially for the designs on tiles. I love Mr. Happy, definitely gives me a smile.

cookingwithgas said...

He is pretty happy. ;)

gz said...

Testing, testing, always learning and discovering new things..good for you!T

cookingwithgas said...

We are testing more now than ever before, chemical changes... make for big issues in glazes.

smartcat said...
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smartcat said...

It's always a joy to see your giraffes. They have such personality!
A few months ago I tested several majolica base glazes. After some head scratching I marked the pot and glaze bucket with the same code with the glaze info written on the bucket. Simple solution, but now I don't have to attach the test to the bucket.
I like the pink tape idea. It's a much better visual reminder than just marker.

Melissa Rohrer said...

I think giraffes will be especially popular this year. Yours are great! Record keeping is key. Many times I thought a glaze combo would be obvious to remember but ended up not sure.

Laurie said...

That is a happy giraffe!

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, he is a happy guy. He makes me smile.